Farewell 2015….You’ve Been A Hoot!!

So, here it is…my round up of images from 2015.  This is the first time I have ever blogged an annual summery and to be honest I didn’t think I had enough frames that would be worthy of ‘showcasing’.  Until that is my lovely fellow ‘DARE’ members encouraged me to give it a go.  Why not I thought…..and they were right.  Once i started to trail through my badly organised pile of memory cards I realized I had some ‘corkers’.  Yes, they are mainly of my children and yes, this time next year I’m hoping not to have them both in the limelight quite so frequently but if it wasn’t for these two little monsters I wouldn’t be posting this retrospective.  So, this blog is dedicated to both my children Brooke & Ewan….i love you both to the moon and stars, then back again!!

I’m so pleased with my progress this year.  There is still a long road ahead on this amazing photographic journey of mine, but when I look back from where I have come from it’s kind of a WOW moment.

2016 is going to be such an exciting year for Bubblemoon Photography.  There’s a whole world ready and waiting to be explored and I am more than ready to put my shoes on and take some rather large steps into the unknown.

I wish you all a fabulous 2016.

brooke in borgaedare challenge 3dare challenge day 1

So this image was taken at the beginning of the year at a friends, daughters birthday party….can you guess the theme??

cassie bday5dare challenge day 7

A DIVA in the making!!

brooke hairbrush signingdare challenge day 4..

Ewan isn’t so forthcoming when it comes to being my little model!  He’s all about the natural lifestyle genre…..which is great.  I love capturing those ‘Oh So Natural’ shots.

ewan making his birdhousepumpkin carving ..

dare challenge 6


dare challenge day 6

One of my first ‘DARE’ challenges I participated in

dare challenge 5underground

lisa wedding rings

Whilst working & waiting at a clients ‘wedding’ (hair styling) I sneaked this crafty little frame in.

The Dare 7 Day Portrait Challenge

The challenge was to create a portrait a day for 7 days.  EEK….this one really pushed me in all directions.  Quite often I am too short of time to do the things I love.  I find this soooooo frustrating, but i don’t let it stop me.  It does sometimes get in the way, but i do my best to skip round  it.  Here are my efforts for the Dare Challenge, i tried my best to produce a different ‘look’ each night ….but there were a few nights i felt so frustrated because for 1 reason or another I couldn’t get the shots I wanted or an idea i had for an image had already been submitted by another participant.   The other members all produced amazing images and I’m really quite humbled to be part of this terrific group.  Every person in this group have inspired me in so many ways, to believe in myself more, and maybe finally take the large unknown step into becoming a professional photographer.  And for this I thank them, after  all, who knows whats around the corner in 2016?  http://www.thedarephotoexperience.com/

dare challenge day 1

Day 1

dare challenge day 2

Day 2

dare challenge 3

Day 3

dare challenge day 4..

Day 4

dare challenge day 5

Day 5

dare challenge day 6

Day 6

dare challenge day 7

Day 7


Dare Challenge…..

So, the ‘DARE’ challenge was to post your 5 favourite images from the year – eek!!!

Where do I start?? I thought I’d share a variation of images because my style of shooting varies with my mood.  Sometimes it pays to have your camera on standby so you can capture those fun family moments.

brooke handstand with overlay



Warm summer evenings and fabulous textured clouds were the cause of this image….everything was right, so I grabbed my daughter and my camera bag and then we both jumped on the quad bike to reach our destination (the borage field) and SNAP!!


Warmer dreamy tones











I took this image whilst on a break working at a wedding.  No, I wasn’t the photographer…I was the one creating the hairstyles on this day.  Hair styling is my day to day job which I have done since I was 16, and I also love it……but I would like to push my photography now.  My clients wondered what on earth I was doing when I was asking for a dictionary and shining my iPhone torch through the ring.  They were amazed when I showed them the final product 🙂

lisa wedding ring

I’m all for equality etc etc, I shot this image whilst on my friends and I were on our way to #EssexPride.  They never show P.D.A. so when I saw them holding hands I couldn’t resist this shot!

dan n paul

This is my daughter twirling around with the wind through her hair.  It was one of those uber cute moments that I captured after a failed shoot in some sunflowers.  I had lost the light, I had stung my feet on the nettles and quite frankly I’d had enough.  I had literally packed my kit away and turned round to catch B doing this….out came the camera again and SNAP, caught on camera.

brooke twirling







A week in the life of……

……a frustrated photographer!! 




It’s so frustrating when all I want to do is take some great photos, yet there are these obstacles being put in my way. 

Sure, I can’t control the weather, neither can I control the circumstances that make me run late, but I can control creative block!! Or…can I?? 

It’s so frustrating……I just want to create amazing surreal images with a twist! I want to escape from the normality of being ‘mummy’ and ‘Mrs I’ even if it’s only for an hour or so.  But I stare at my blank screen……uninspired, nothing, yadda!!! 



Ever changing

As my confidence in my work continues to grow I notice that my confidence to change style is ever evolving.  I’m desperate to push the boundaries and try new things. I look at some of my older work and find it so ‘meh’  now, and yet I’m still proud of it.

Im looking forward to the summer months and the creative freedom this brings with it. Natures props!! Flowers, grasses, sparkles and smiles…..it’s endless.

college portfolio

These are some of my final images i produced to put towards my final portfolio.  It was these images that really pushed my boundaries with digital editing.  I was really pleased at the time with my overall results….although i can see now how i would do things differently – typical artist, I’m never satisfied.   b&w me with sunnies soft light blend branching out in life brooke holding butterflies edited brooke in boat with blue butterfly brooke with wheel caught in a trap church yard frame with shop erase final edit float like a butterfly sting like a tea it started with a kiss - edited pill box bullet butterfly..