Dare Challenge…..

So, the ‘DARE’ challenge was to post your 5 favourite images from the year – eek!!!

Where do I start?? I thought I’d share a variation of images because my style of shooting varies with my mood.  Sometimes it pays to have your camera on standby so you can capture those fun family moments.

brooke handstand with overlay



Warm summer evenings and fabulous textured clouds were the cause of this image….everything was right, so I grabbed my daughter and my camera bag and then we both jumped on the quad bike to reach our destination (the borage field) and SNAP!!


Warmer dreamy tones











I took this image whilst on a break working at a wedding.  No, I wasn’t the photographer…I was the one creating the hairstyles on this day.  Hair styling is my day to day job which I have done since I was 16, and I also love it……but I would like to push my photography now.  My clients wondered what on earth I was doing when I was asking for a dictionary and shining my iPhone torch through the ring.  They were amazed when I showed them the final product 🙂

lisa wedding ring

I’m all for equality etc etc, I shot this image whilst on my friends and I were on our way to #EssexPride.  They never show P.D.A. so when I saw them holding hands I couldn’t resist this shot!

dan n paul

This is my daughter twirling around with the wind through her hair.  It was one of those uber cute moments that I captured after a failed shoot in some sunflowers.  I had lost the light, I had stung my feet on the nettles and quite frankly I’d had enough.  I had literally packed my kit away and turned round to catch B doing this….out came the camera again and SNAP, caught on camera.

brooke twirling







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