The Dare 7 Day Portrait Challenge

The challenge was to create a portrait a day for 7 days.  EEK….this one really pushed me in all directions.  Quite often I am too short of time to do the things I love.  I find this soooooo frustrating, but i don’t let it stop me.  It does sometimes get in the way, but i do my best to skip round  it.  Here are my efforts for the Dare Challenge, i tried my best to produce a different ‘look’ each night ….but there were a few nights i felt so frustrated because for 1 reason or another I couldn’t get the shots I wanted or an idea i had for an image had already been submitted by another participant.   The other members all produced amazing images and I’m really quite humbled to be part of this terrific group.  Every person in this group have inspired me in so many ways, to believe in myself more, and maybe finally take the large unknown step into becoming a professional photographer.  And for this I thank them, after  all, who knows whats around the corner in 2016?

dare challenge day 1

Day 1

dare challenge day 2

Day 2

dare challenge 3

Day 3

dare challenge day 4..

Day 4

dare challenge day 5

Day 5

dare challenge day 6

Day 6

dare challenge day 7

Day 7