Farewell 2015….You’ve Been A Hoot!!

So, here it is…my round up of images from 2015.  This is the first time I have ever blogged an annual summery and to be honest I didn’t think I had enough frames that would be worthy of ‘showcasing’.  Until that is my lovely fellow ‘DARE’ members encouraged me to give it a go.  Why not I thought…..and they were right.  Once i started to trail through my badly organised pile of memory cards I realized I had some ‘corkers’.  Yes, they are mainly of my children and yes, this time next year I’m hoping not to have them both in the limelight quite so frequently but if it wasn’t for these two little monsters I wouldn’t be posting this retrospective.  So, this blog is dedicated to both my children Brooke & Ewan….i love you both to the moon and stars, then back again!!

I’m so pleased with my progress this year.  There is still a long road ahead on this amazing photographic journey of mine, but when I look back from where I have come from it’s kind of a WOW moment.

2016 is going to be such an exciting year for Bubblemoon Photography.  There’s a whole world ready and waiting to be explored and I am more than ready to put my shoes on and take some rather large steps into the unknown.

I wish you all a fabulous 2016.

brooke in borgaedare challenge 3dare challenge day 1

So this image was taken at the beginning of the year at a friends, daughters birthday party….can you guess the theme??

cassie bday5dare challenge day 7

A DIVA in the making!!

brooke hairbrush signingdare challenge day 4..

Ewan isn’t so forthcoming when it comes to being my little model!  He’s all about the natural lifestyle genre…..which is great.  I love capturing those ‘Oh So Natural’ shots.

ewan making his birdhousepumpkin carving ..

dare challenge 6


dare challenge day 6

One of my first ‘DARE’ challenges I participated in

dare challenge 5underground

lisa wedding rings

Whilst working & waiting at a clients ‘wedding’ (hair styling) I sneaked this crafty little frame in.

brooke..dare challenge day 5..dare challenge day 5dare challenge day 2brooke handstand with overlaymadisonmadison 1dare challenge 4bounceewan clacton beachewan undergroundbrooke water fountain 2brooke colour pop swingbee 2norfolk tree 2footbubbles with tiles overlay plus exposuredan n paulbrooke sunflowerewan blackberrydare challenge 1dare challenge 10

This is probably my favorite image of the year….a totally spontaneous moment captured after a not so successful sunflower shoot.  Proof that there is always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!!!

brooke twirlingbrooke water fountain..colin and ewan clactonbrookelondon streetpurple haze 2crossing handsbrooke and ewan rolling around high easterewie throwing stick colourdare challenge 7kids in bedbrooke smilewinter bubblesewan blackberry 2nicola peaceyholi festival 4ewan hatbrooke graffiti wallnorfolk sarah's sheepbrooke stairdare challenge 2


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